Lights Out – When validation is completed correctly, production runs unattended and “lights out”! Our facilities run 24/7 with our second and third shifts running lights out, secure, and unattended. Isometric’s capabilities and highly specialized talents in micro molding, mold-making, and automation preserves the integrity of valuable micro device technology transferred throughout the entire development-to-production process. Projects are rigorously managed using our tailored, proven process to quantify customer and micro molding project-specific milestones. Isometric’s world-class micro molding and assembly capabilities enable disruptive technology for precision manufacturing device OEMs.

It all began in New Richmond, Wisconsin in 1990 when founder and president Michael T. Hudalla formed Isometric Companies, Inc’s. first division, Isometric Tool & Design, Inc.   Isometric started with the vision to manufacture tooling and provide manufacturing solutions to exacting specifications for ultra-small, ultra-precise, and ultra-complex applications.   It is inherently known that customer’s, and equally Isometric’s, long-term success is dependent on pushing boundaries and overcoming known limits. Isometric’s ability to manage precision processes towards the quest for perfection takes team dedication. Isometric’s philosophy and ‘Process of Discovery’ begins and ends with its people.

In 2009, a specific customer-driven need prompted the addition of a complimentary core competency in micro automated assembly systems.  With micro automation, their growing team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals combined forces to focus directly on customer’s needs.  Isometric’s innovative culture drives the pursuit automated assembly projects that others would decline. This constant ambition towards innovation is known as Isometric’s ‘Process of Discovery’ has three main initiatives which still resonate today:

  1. Discover Innovative Ideas by thinking beyond the norm with fresh, novel approaches that work.
  2. Integrate Statistical Processes to guarantee perfection using automated solutions.
  3. Eliminate Customer Concern by anticipating potential problems before they happen.

In 2013, this Process of Discovery led Mr. Hudalla to acquire the building across the street and hire reputable and experienced industry experts to launch and manage their latest division, Isometric Micro Molding, Inc.  An ISO 13485 certified micro molding service provider, Isometric Micro Molding, Inc. serves high precision market segments such as intraocular, cardiovascular, neuromodulation, orthopedic, and drug delivery.  Devices such as sensors, transdermal patches, life science disposables, sheaths, anchors, capillaries, robotic surgery, and neurovascular implants are some of the examples of microscopic polymer components and sub-assemblies that Isometric Micro Molding, Inc. has helped customers bring to market.  In four short years, Isometric Micro Molding, Inc. has become an aggressive growth division, now 77 employees strong and the largest and fastest growing medical-focused micro molder in North America.

Isometric Companies, Inc.’s diligence in adding value is a commitment that continues to be paramount in ensuring that Isometric’s customers receive the solutions they require to keep them in the lead.  Isometric’s process of discovery and long-standing success begins and ends with its people.  As such, Isometric continues to be diligent in talent acquisition and development, equipment investment, and technology R&D.  Years of fine-tuning to reach the pinnacle of precision manufacturing has brought Isometric Companies, Inc. a distinct reputation for innovative solutions.


ISO 13485 Certification

World Class Production Micro Molding and Assembly

Class 7 Clean-room molding and metrology

Independent Humidity and temperature control

CT Scanning to 0.1 um resolution

ISO 13485:2016 Certified