Lights Out – When validation is completed correctly, production runs unattended and “lights out”! Our facilities run 24/7 with our second and third shifts running lights out, secure, and unattended. Isometric’s capabilities and highly specialized talents in micro molding, mold-making, and automation preserves the integrity of valuable micro device technology transferred throughout the entire development-to-production process. Projects are rigorously managed using our tailored, proven process to quantify customer and micro molding project-specific milestones. Isometric’s world-class micro molding and assembly capabilities enable disruptive technology for precision manufacturing device OEMs.




It all began in 1990, as Isometric Micro Molding began to provide an ultra-high precision mold building service for medical device and drug delivery device manufacturers in the United States. From little acorns mighty oak trees grew, and today, the company has seen unprecedented growth, and is now an established micro molding volume manufacturer, using its world class ISO 13485 certified, humidity and temperature controlled facility in New Richmond, WI, USA to service clients worldwide.

In micro manufacturing, it is all about process validation. Tolerances are tight, and it is only when validation is undertaken correctly that you can achieve the accuracy required of often critical care medical products or components. It is also only when process validation is optimised that production runs can run unattended and “lights out”. At Isometric Micro Molding, our facilities run 24/7, with our second and third shifts running lights out, secure, and unattended.

Isometric Micro Molding’s capabilities and specialized talents stretch throughout the entire development-to-production process. We work closely with our OEM customers from product inception to mass manufacture, with especial focus on provision of ultra-precision tooling, micro molding, automation solutions, assembly, and metrology. The company has also developed the Microns MatterTM best-practice risk assessment strategy which is utilised to ensure the attainment of exacting micron tolerances demanded by our customers.

We pride ourselves on harnessing the power of disruptive technologies which when combined with our inherent expertise in micro manufacturing and micro molding give us the edge This ensures optimal manufacturing outcomes and competitive edge for our precision medical device and drug delivery OEM clients, for which we have brought to production such devices transdermal patches, ligating clips, intraocular implants, orthopaedic anchors, microfluidic devices, robotic and endoscopic surgery devices, and neurovascular implants.

World Class Production Micro Molding and Assembly

Class 7 Clean-room molding and metrology

Independent Humidity and temperature control

CT Scanning to 0.1 um resolution

ISO 13485:2003 Certified