With over 15 years of experience in micro automation, Isometric has developed discrete and ultra-precision capabilities in automated assembly of micro medical and drug delivery devices. Full systems are designed and fabricated in-house and include the integration of PLC logic, inline vision inspection, micro dispensing, solvent bonding, UV curing, and inline pressure decay leak testing.

Assembling dust specked size parts onto other dust specked size parts requires extreme positional accuracy and an understanding and ability to reduce the number of times parts are handled. Each time a micro component is “let go” from a surface, additional error can be introduced. Holding onto that part in the same setup- right next to the molding machine where it is manufactured and held in an end of arm tool preserves the tolerances of that setup as it is introduced to another in the assembly via automation. Isometric is the only micro molder in the nation with in-house capability to produce fully automated and integrated micro assemblies and devices.

Devices such as intraocular drug delivery devices, transdermal patches, ligating clips, intraocular implants, orthopedic anchors, microfluidic devices, robotic and endoscopic surgery, and neurovascular implants are some of the examples of polymer components and sub-assemblies Isometric has brought to production.

System Features

  • Pneumatic or servo actuated
  • Fool-proof laser safety systems
  • Touchscreen machine controls
  • Data capture and storage systems
  • Networking to manufacturing plant IT systems
  • Precision function controls ± 0.0001″ (0.0025 mm)
  • Nano precision components to 0.00004″ (1 micron)
  • Pick and place equipment manufacture

Custom Automation

  • Precision self-contained semi and full automated assembly cells
  • Single and multi-station assembly, test, and inspection systems
  • Integrated clean rooms built to specified class
  • Bench top assembly fixtures and handheld devices
  • Ultra precision bonding and fastening operations
  • Automated micro-machining cells” (0.0025 mm)