Isometric is your business partner for complex, micro-molded, automated components and assemblies. From microfluidics to innovative medical implants, our dedicated team consistently performs at an industry-best level, with full transparency from prototype to production.


In every process, we are dedicated to honest, collaborative working relationships that improve your business. We guarantee transparency and customer satisfaction–always.


Isometric’s successful history is rooted in precision molds and micron tolerance molding. Each employee, task and project is characterized, and measured with, precision in mind. Our cutting edge equipment and facilities consistently results in products with high customer satisfaction.


Our experts partner with your business to creatively develop real solutions for any obstacle. We know we are greater when we openly share knowledge as a team.


We adhere to an engineering-based strategy for micro molding success: plan, plan, plan and execute. Our experts increase customer confidence, as well as success, by performing detailed risk assessment and corresponding risk mitigation plans before each project begins.


The Isometric team is committed to your timeline, with project deliverables measured by quantifiable and public metrics. We control three in-house facets for accurate project accountability: micro tooling, micro molding and micro automation. We are defined by your success.