Isometric Companies, Inc. — a privately held corporation — maintains a global leadership position in the precision/micro manufacturing arena through Isometric Tool & Design, Inc (a precision injection mold and automation fabrication company established in 1990) and Isometric Micro Molding, Inc.

Between them, the Isometric Companies have 76 employees and command 33,000 square feet of manufacturing space. This makes Isometric Companies Inc. the largest medical-focused micro molder in the U.S serving the intraocular, vascular, neuromodulation, orthopedic, and drug delivery device markets.

Isometric Companies Inc.’s solutions-based micro molding capabilities enable worldwide, disruptive technologies and devices for Fortune 500 medical and drug delivery device OEMs.

The key is the combination of talents in micro molding, micro mold making, and micro automation which facilitates fluid, transparent, and cross-functional communication with customers, and prevents the loss of valuable micro device technology transfer knowledge.

With extremely exacting tolerances, extra steps in handling a micro part can accumulate error, cause product damage, and/or risk potentially contaminating critical devices and implants. Many micro molders outsource some part of a project to external sub-contractors, typically tooling, automation, and metrology.

This creates risk on numerous levels, not only a possible negative impact on critical timeline and confidentiality considerations, but also the risk of missing important datum structures established to provide micron-level component or assembly tolerances.

Isometric Micro Molding mitigates customer risk by providing excellence in precision through integration and full control of the tooling, molding, assembly, automation and CT scanning processes, all under one roof. Only this way can customer satisfaction be guaranteed.