Micro Molding
& Micro Automation

•Small Parts with Micro Features
and/or Tight Tolerances
•Micro Sized Parts
•Micro Automated Assemblies

Photo of micro components including optical lens, ear drain tube, tissue repair, catheter tip, shown against a tweezer, by Isometric Micro Molding

Don't Hold Back:
Unleash Your FULL Design Potential


  • Less invasive devices through extreme thin wall molding
  • Precision that enables micro functionality for medical technology advancements in small scale space
  • True part  miniaturization–smaller than a pellet of resin
  • Successfully fill high aspect ratio flow lengths 
  • Molding with virtually no draft & unimaginable tight tolerances
  • Assembly positional accuracy of +/- 1.5 microns
  • Functional surface technology
  • Micro holes, microfluidics, true sharps, and micro barbs
  • Up to 7″ (177.8 mm) sized parts with micro features and/or tight tolerances  
Human hair on micro part to show size difference, by Isometric Micro Molding

Isometric Micro Molding’s small part molding (3″ or 76.2 mm with 175 micro features of 30 microns or 0.00118″); human hair as a size reference.

Isometric’s Core Micro Capabilities


Isometric Micro Molding has been a trusted micro injection molding partner for over 30 years. We are also the largest and fastest-growing medical-focused micro molder in North America. From small parts (<7″) to micro-sized parts and assemblies, success starts here.

  • In-house core competencies of Micro 3D Printing, Micro Tooling, Micro Molding, Micro Automated Assembly, and CT Scanning
  • High precision micro molding for medical devices, drug delivery devices, diabetes, microfluidics, optics, and many others
  • Molding all thermoplastics, long-term implantable, bioresorbable, fluoropolymers, and LSR resins
  • Thin wall, microfeature, micro-sized, tight tolerance, insert molding, over-molding, and 2-shot molding components, as well as micro automated assembly projects
  • Robust risk mitigation and internally developed Microns Matter® PFMEA Process.

Our Microns Matter® Philosophy & Culture


Isometric’s team of plastics, industrial, automation, and manufacturing engineering experts make the “impossible” possible.

Our mindset and focus is solely on micro molding solutions so your project can be done faster–and with a greater opportunity for success.

Our mission is to provide world-class micro solutions that save and improve lives.

Respected Subject Matter Experts


At Isometric Micro Molding, our long-standing success begins and ends with our people. Since 1990, we’ve proudly acquired some of the industry’s most innovative employees. Isometric’s team of subject matter experts includes plastics, industrial, automation, and manufacturing engineers, as well as machining and tooling experts. In our collaborative work environment, each team member matters to the success of our micro solution projects.

In addition to our talented employees, our business leadership is among the industry’s most respected experts.

As the fastest growing medical-focused micro molder in North America, we are committed to work that creates successful micro solutions for numerous industries, which includes life-saving, and life-extending, medical and pharmaceutical devices.

The Isometric Team Supports You — From Start to Finish

From early DfX (Design for Excellence), DfM (Design for Manufacturability), and DfA (Design for Assembly) to high volume production, Isometric Micro Molding has the in-house capabilities and experience needed to successfully make your micro manufacturing project a reality. Follow our typical process here and see why Isometric is a trusted partner and an industry leader.

Graphic of 2 people and common connection dot to represent the connect stage of the work process at Isometric Micro Molding


Potential customers meet with Isometric's Micro Molding team of Subject Matter Experts, either in person or via online, to discuss their micro manufacturing project.

Graphic of 3 persons and a light bulb representing the project discovery stage of the work process at Isometric Micro Molding

Project Discovery

The Isometric team of experts dives into your micro project through a transparent, engaged Q&A session. The resulting details gives Isometric the necessary information to provide proven, custom solutions, as well as an assessment to identity your risk mitigation strategy.

Graphic of a notepad and pen representing the Kick Off stages of the work process at Isometric Micro Molding

Kick Off

After the project discovery process, you'll receive a formal quote to review. If accepted, your project will kick off after we receive your PO. During the kickoff, we will define the scope of your project and make team member introductions.

Graphic of an award ribbon representing the Design for Manufacturability, Assembly and Excellence stages of the work process at Isometric Micro Molding

Design for Excellence, Manufacturability and Assembly (DfX, DfM, DfA)

Next, the Isometric team of experts conducts DfX, DfM, and DfA analysis to streamline production and implement plans for any potential manufacturing challenges.

Graphic of a building with large gear representing the design, approve and build stages of the work process at Isometric Micro Molding

Design, Approval, and Build

Upon the review and approval of the initial product design, our team begins the process of building the product through all in-house processes, which includes tooling, molding and automated assembly.

Graphic of a schedule with a cyclical arrow representing the process development stage of the work process at Isometric Micro Molding

Process Development

Our experts receive the first off parts, the FAIR requirement is completed, and CT Scanning is performed at DOE.

Graphic of gears and a schedule representing the full production stage of the work process at Isometric Micro Molding

Full Production

With the validation complete, the product is ready for production.

Graphic of a box representing the delivery stage of the work process at Isometric Micro Molding


Through Isometric's diligent risk mitigation process, your parts are successfully delivered on-time.

What Differentiates Isometric?

PEOPLE. You immediately work with our Miniaturization and Micro Molding Subject Matter Experts and are supported throughout your project.

CULTURE. The team at Isometric is transparent, collaborative, has high integrity, and honest. We will identify any project challenges and work with you to solve them.

BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY. We work together as partners. We welcome you to stand next to the press to observe your parts, as well as audit our entire facility.

REPUTATION. Isometric is an industry leader with over 30 years of high precision manufacturing. We are known for collaboration and partnership with our customers.

EQUIPMENT. We have state of the art equipment specialized for micron tolerences and features. Also, we have automation capabilities to collect Industry 4.0 data to share with our customers.

Our Keys to Higher Success, Speed to Market

In-House Capabilities

One of Isometric’s competitive advantages is that, unlike most manufacturers, all processes are completely performed in-house. From development to full production, our team of micro experts diligently manage your projects.

Microns Matter®

Microns Matter is our proprietary best-practice, risk assessment strategy. We use this strategy on behalf of our customers, for the development and high-volume production of critical-to-function micro molded devices.

Risk Mitigation

Isometric Micro Molding mitigates customer risk through our robust Business Continuity Plan and tailored individual project plans. These plans are routinely, and actively, tested with Isometric employees to monitor and avoid risks throughout our manufacturing processes and facilities.

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