Microns Matter® 5 Steps to Micro Molding Success

With over 30 years of experience in micro injection molding, Isometric Micro Molding has developed a unique 5-step risk assessment strategy called, “Microns Matter®”. This proven process is especially important for the successful manufacturing of medical devices, from the development stage to high-volume production of these critical-to-function micro molded devices.

Vertical integration and transparency are key to our unique risk mitigation. We’ve repeatedly heard from OEMs that it’s not uncommon for micro-molding suppliers to say that the work is “proprietary”, contains “trade secrets” or, “you can’t see that part of the process”.  This level of secrecy leaves a large gap in design history files, which can result in increased design and clinical trial resources, time, and, in many cases, a restart with another supplier. In other words–a great deal of expense and missed deadlines.

Components and devices with micron tolerances can only be successfully manufactured by applying years of tooling and plastics engineering experience along with team collaboration. This allows for the accurate estimation of percentage tolerance risks and ways to mitigate such risks at each phase of the Microns Matter® process. These phases include:




The steps within each phase are critical to the success of micro molding projects. Our  3,000-word whitepaper, written by Donna Bibber, CEO, and contains transparent details on each Microns Matter® phase for proven methods in project management. Learn more about how the Microns Matter® process has made Isometric Micro Molding a trusted partner for customers, enabling them to get to market with optimal products in a timely fashion.

Click HERE to download the Microns Matter® guide to micro molding success or email our microplastics engineers at [email protected] to discuss your project. You can also see more examples of our work HERE.

ISO White Paper "Microns Matter"

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