About Isometric: Precision Micro Manufacturing Since 1990

Isometric Micro Molding has grown to be one of the largest medical-focused micro molders in the United States.

Our History


It is inherently known that a customer’s, and equally Isometric’s, long-term success is dependent on pushing boundaries and overcoming known limits. Since 1990, Isometric has continuously pushed limits to maintain a global leadership position in the precision/micro manufacturing arena.

In recent years, Isometric Micro Molding has aggressively grown to be one of the largest medical-focused micro molder in the United States. As such, Isometric  proudly serves numerous medical device industries, including markets for diabetes, intraocular, vascular, neuromodulation, orthopedic, and drug delivery devices.

On March 1, 2024, Isometric was acquired by Nissha Medical Technologies (NMT), a global Contract Design/Development Manufacturing Organization. NMT’s expertise in the design and development of endoscopic devices, combined with Isometric’s micro-molding capabilities, have the potential to redefine the realm of surgical instruments, surgical robotics, and other medical and drug delivery device platforms. Together, we aim to address the changing demands of medical devices by enhancing component miniaturization and improving the maneuverability of small and precision components, ultimately advancing medical efficiency.


  • 2 adjacent facilities
  • Molding & Packaging in four Class ISO 7 cleanrooms
  • ISO 13485
  • 120+ employees
  • Over 7,000 molds built

Our mission is to provide world-class micro solutions that save and improve lives.

Our Core Values

Isometric Micro Molding is a trusted partner for manufacturing complex, micro molded, automated components and assemblies. From microfluidic devices to innovative medical implants, our dedicated team consistently performs to the highest industry standards with complete transparency from prototype to production.

Our company is founded on the core values of integrity, transparency, and trust which has created a dedicated team culture that treats our customers, and their micro components/assemblies, the proper way.

Central to every project we undertake is a focus on an honest, collaborative working relationships that optimizes outcomes, and enhances your business. We guarantee transparency and customer satisfaction at all times.

Precision is central to everything Isometric Micro Molding does. The company began with a focus on precision tooling and micro tolerance molding, and today as an end-to-end micro manufacturing expert, all employees, tasks, and projects are analyzed through the prism of “precision.” Our cutting-edge equipment and exceptional team consistently manufacture products that exceed customer expectations.


When we work with a customer, we nurture the fundamental meaning of partnership and collaboration. Results are always better when knowledge is openly shared throughout a team. This process allows us to be creative and find practical solutions for any obstacle.


We stick rigidly to an engineering-based strategy for micro molding success—plan, plan, plan and then execute. By undertaking a detailed risk assessment/risk mitigation plan (Microns Matter®) before each project begins, our expert team proactively anticipates issues, and therefore increases customer confidence, and ensures project success.


The Isometric Micro Molding team is dedicated to achieving results based on your timeline. Our commitment to successful project deliverables is demonstrated through open, agreed, and quantifiable metrics. We control five fundamental aspects of the manufacturing process in-house: micro 3D printing, micro tooling, micro-molding, micro automation, and CT Scanning. Through these processes, we are fully accountable for achieving each project milestone, and we are defined by your success.

ISO 13485 Certification


Isometric is proudly certified as ISO 13485: 2016 and we are working towards FDA site registration. Our company-wide commitment to comply with, and maintain, the requirements of our quality management system supports our success. This is especially critical to the complex and precision projects we undertake with our medical device and drug delivery device customers.

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Photo of an Isometric Micro Molding employee in white coat and hair net, in Class 7 clean room, next to micro automated assembly equipment.

Micro Manufacturing Facilities


With over 33,000 square feet of manufacturing space within two facilities, Isometric completes all micro manufacturing processes in-house. This unique capability allows for complete control over each project, full transparency (watching parts run, auditing clean rooms where parts are molded), as well as the highest level of risk mitigation for our customers.

Risk Mitigation

Isometric Micro Molding takes risk mitigation to the next level with our Microns Matter® PFMEA Process. Through our continual process improvement, we achieve exceptional results in product development, production quality, as well as delivery and budget efficiencies.

The ultimate compliment for our dedication to risk mitigation? In 99% of all projects, Isometric is THE sole source for all molding.

    • 2 separate, yet adjacent, facilities
    • Customer risk mitigation plan created for each specific project 
    • Includes  planning of tooling, resin selection, dedicated presses, team members, finished goods
    • Cross-functional communication between team experts and customer
    • All micro-manufacturing processes performed in-house for full-control
      • Greatly reduces production error in datum structures for micron tolerances
    • Microns Matter PFMEA Process 

Our Customer Successes: Testimonials

For over a quarter of a century we’ve thrived on repeat business–a demonstration of the trust we’ve earned as a world-class micro mold manufacturer. But don’t take our word for it. We are proud to share what our customers told us about their Isometric experience–which you can expect as well.
Please note that company names have been withheld due to our customer confidentiality policy.

Fortune 500 Life Science OEM Engineering ManagerUnited States
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"How did I not find Isometric when I was still at [Fortune 100 Medical Device Company]? That methodology you describe in that white paper is exactly what I was looking for when I was looking for molders. Love to see some true expertise in this area."
Leading US Ophthalmic CompanyUnited States
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"We worked with six different micro molding specialists, and only Isometric was able to successfully mold our challenging part."
Implantable Material Supplier Global Business StrategyUnited Kingdom
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“I’ve never seen anything like this! Most people trivialize the words “World Class”, but you really ARE world class!”
Implantable Material Supplier Global Business StrategyUnited Kingdom
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“I’ve never seen anything like this! Most people trivialize the words “World Class”, but you really ARE world class!”
Irish Drug Delivery CompanyIreland
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“After extensive DfM meetings with several high volume drug delivery vendors, Isometric stood apart and was chosen as our global molding and assembly partner.”

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