Successful Micromolding For Miniature Medical Devices

Isometric's Micromolding Solutions Grow as Medical Devices Shrink. Donna Bibber and Brent Hahn were recently interviewed by Michael Barbella of Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO) Magazine for an article titled, "Ensuring Micromolding Success for Miniature Medical Devices". The article, which features industry experts, showcases the latest trends, challenges, regulatory requirements, and forecasts for the next [...]

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Micro Molding the Tiniest Parts On Earth

Isometric's Donna Bibber and Brent Hahn were recently interviewed by Design News about the growing trend of miniaturization and the micro molding industry. The demand is seen in many markets, from fiberoptic connectors to intraocular surgical instruments. “Our main customer base has been medical and drug delivery device OEMs. Our value is in solving [...]

Micro Giants: Micromolding for Medtech

Medical Product Outsourcing Sep 2018 article featuring Isometric Micro Molding, Inc. Micromolding for medtech is becoming serious business. The medical industry’s demands are continually challenging suppliers and manufacturers to stretch their technical competencies into areas where they may fear to tread. Doctors and surgeons urge instruments for less invasive procedures and quicker recovery times, [...]

Micro Molding Innovations For Medical Devices

Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO) spoke to the team at Isometric Micro Molding, Donna Bibber, Brent Hahn, and Wayne Shakal, to learn more about micro molding innovations for medical devices and the complex markets of biopharma and pharma.  The big challenges of medical device miniaturization have created crucial demands on micro molders to develop new [...]

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Thin-Walled Micro Injection Molding For Devices

Isometric Micro Molding's micromachining of micro molds enables thin-walled micro injection molding in thermoplastic, silicone, and metal.  To mold micro thin-wall devices, polymer selection, ultra-precision tooling, and knowledge of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) is critical. For micro molded devices to be small, compliant, comfortable, and/or flexible, they may require very wall thicknesses as thin [...]

Micro Ophthalmic Ocular Implants

Donna Bibber shares insight about micro ophthalmic ocular implants and the continued impact of micro mold manufacturing on worldwide growth in the next five years. Micro ophthalmic and intraocular implants continue to be one of the largest and fastest-growing global micro medical and pharma micro device market sectors. Driven by a baby boomer aging [...]

Scalability of Micro-Intraocular Implants and Devices

Donna Bibber discusses some of these micro-intraocular implants and devices and the scalability challenges associated with each, from the perspective of a plastics engineer. Recent developments and new-to-market intra-ocular devices and implants have led to the successful treatment of a number of ophthalmological conditions of varying seriousness and complexity such as: Glaucoma Cataracts Retinal [...]

How to approach today’s micro moulding challenges Part 1: Tooling-the enabler

Challenges in micro molding have not changed much at all in the past 20–30 years. The solutions to these challenges, however, have changed significantly. The most challenging attribute for micro molding matches up with the highest risk mitigation factor—tooling. For this reason, the top 10 micro molders in the world have in-house tooling design [...]

Isometric’s Microns Matter® Proven Process for Medical Micro Molding

Micro molding for critical applications requires extreme precision and a consistent, proven process. After all, micro-sized components are often the key enabling elements of Class II or Class III medical devices and drug delivery devices which, because of their size, often require micron-level tolerances. With 30 years’ experience in micro injection [...]