As your partner for the design and manufacture of often complex, micro molded, automated components and assemblies (from microfluidic devices to innovative medical implants), Isometric Micro Molding’s dedicated team consistently performs to the highest industry standards, and completely transparently from prototype to production.

We have at our heart a set of core values that direct the way we work and the ensure the highest quality products for our medical device and drug delivery device OEM customers.


Central to every project we undertake is a focus on an honest, collaborative working relationships that optimizes outcomes, and enhances your business. We guarantee transparency and customer satisfaction at all times.


Precision is central to everything Isometric Micro Molding does. The company began with a focus on precision tooling and micro tolerance molding, and today as an end-to-end micro manufacturing expert, all employees, tasks, and projects are analyzed through the prism of “precision.” Our cutting edge equipment, world-class facilities, and exceptional team consistently manufacture products that exceed customer expectations.


When we work with a customer OEM, we nurture the fundamental meaning of partnership — collaboration. Results are always better when knowledge is openly shared throughput a team, and this also allows us be creative and find practical solutions for any obstacle.


We stick rigidly to an engineering-based strategy for micro molding success — plan, plan, plan and then execute. By undertaking a detailed risk assessment/risk mitigation plan (Microns Matter™) before each project begins, our expert team proactively anticipates issues, and therefore increases customer confidence, and ensures project success.


The Isometric Micro Molding team is dedicated to achieve results to your timeline, and is committed to demonstrate the achievement of project deliverables through open, agreed, and quantifiable metrics. We control three fundamental aspects of the manufacturing process in-house — micro tooling, micro molding, micro automation and CT Scanning. In this way we are fully accountable for achievement of project milestones, and we are defined by your success.