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MD&M South 2022 kicks off next week in Charlotte, NC (June 14-16), and Donna Bibber, Isometric Micro Molding, Inc. CEO, will deliver the keynote speech. Titled, “Miniaturized Devices: Current and Future State-of-the-Art High Volume Micro Molding” will be showcased on June 14th, at 2pm EDT, in the MedTech Theater (Booth 1638).

Her speech is a technical and solutions based presentation that will include answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions about miniaturized devices: 

1. Are your tight tolerance capabilities scalable to high volume projects?

2. What is the thinnest wall section you have been able to mold?

3. Where do you see micro molding going in the next 5 yrs? 10 yrs?

4. What are the most difficult materials you work with and how did you overcome molding them?

5. What handling methods do you use to move parts from fixture to fixture?

6. How are the molds and automated fixtures made and how are they maintained?

7. What does your proven process look like?

8. How are parts and assemblies inspected and validated?

9. How is surface finish important to miniaturized devices?

10. Are the pellets the same type of pellets used in conventional molding?

Given the historic need of micro molding capabilities in recent years, especially with miniaturized medical device applications, attendees will come away with a greater understanding of how to achieve successful micro molding solutions. This is specifically vital due to the increasing need of condensing the amount of parts and features in tiny spaces. 

Medical devices such as self-diagnostics wearables, needle arrays, robotic surgery, and biomimicry surfaces are now driving the next generation of device functionality and platform intellectual property. Risk management and innovative micro manufacturing tactics are critical to the success of these devices–and business longevity. 

Bibber’s presentation includes solutions created and data collected by Isometric’s team of Micro Molding Subject Matter Experts (including Bibber), who have 95+ years of combined micro manufacturing industry experience. A captivating and informative presenter, Bibber is regularly sought for speaking engagements around the world. 

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