Donna Bibber Presents at SPE National Week of Injection Molding

Isometric was a proud sponsor of the SPE National Week of Injection Molding. This online event featured experts from the industry who explored some of the most popular trends, techniques, and technologies that make Injection Molding one of the most versatile and scalable manufacturing options available.

In addition, Isometric CEO, Donna Bibber, presented “Micro Molding Tooling Challenges for Miniaturization.” The presentation discussed how product developers and device makers need to master the challenges of miniaturization, as the demand for micro components increases. In micro molding, tooling is THE enabling factor for producing these micro components and assemblies while still maintaining tight micron tolerances and complex geometries. Her presentation reviewed some of variables that impact the science of designing and fabricating micro precision tooling including:

  • What is Micro?
  • Standards for Micro vs. Macro
  • How PL, cooling, gate locations, and venting affect part and mold design,
  • Equipment and staff needed to produce micro molds

Let’s shape the future of manufacturing together. 

Isometric Micro Molding In-house, state-of-the-art, precision machining
In-house, state-of-the-art, precision machining

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