Donna Bibber Speaking At MD&M BIOMEDigital

Isometric’s CEO, Donna Bibber, is a selected industry leader and speaker at MD&M’s BIOMEDigital event. Her presentation, scheduled from 11:30-12:oopm CST on April 6th, covers risk mitigation strategies that prevent micro-molding program failures. Most importantly, she’ll discuss how overcoming early technical challenges impact the reduction of costly, late-stage development project failures.

Ms. Bibber’s presentation was done in collaboration with Isometric’s team of subject matter experts, which have a combined industry experience of over 95 years. The compelling presentation will highlight a recent case study that demonstrates the necessary micro-molding solutions for miniaturized device applications. This technical and solutions-based presentation includes a case study from DMF through production, using micro molding and associated tooling, assembly, and CT Scanning for:

• Wall thicknesses down to 50 microns (0.002”)

• Filter mesh of 50 microns (0.002”)

• Flushing out design criteria using 3D micro printing

• Using CT scanning to obtain quality DOE data in an expedited fashion

The use of Industry 4.0 analytics is critical to new miniaturized device product platforms. For example, it drives next-generation device functionality and provides an understanding of micro molding processes and single micron tolerances.

The “Micro Molding Miniaturized Device Case Studies” presentation will provide a wealth of knowledge for attendees at the upcoming MD&M BIOMEDigital event. To date, Donna Bibber has assisted in over 1,000 micro molding and assembly device programs, with expertise in intraocular implants, bio-resorbable polymers, and PEEK implants. Her decades of work encompasses many new, commercially available, micro devices and has earned her an outstanding national and international reputation in micro-manufacturing.

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