Isometric CEO, Donna Bibber, Featured in MDO's "Women in Medtech 2021"

Photo of Donna Bibber, CEO, Isometric Micro Molding

Medical Design and Outsourcing (MDO) recently featured Isometric Micro Molding CEO, Donna Bibber, in their “Women in Medtech 2021” issue. Bibber’s plastics engineering background, expertise and unique problem-solving skills have earned her an outstanding reputation in the industry.

Over her 33+ year micro manufacturing career, Bibber has been recognized nationally and internationally for her work in micro injection molding and high volume disposables. In particular, she is recognized for her expertise in intraocular implants, bio-resorbable polymers, and PEEK implants. Numerous micro parts that she has worked on have impacted many new devices that are commercially available today.

Bibber’s Successful Career Insights and Inspiration

In the accompanying article, MDO discusses with Bibber the lessons that have shaped her career, leadership challenges, and how companies can become more inclusive. In addition, Bibber shares one experience that hooked her to the medtech industry in 1988.

“I remember the moment in the summer of 1988 when I was wowed into the world of miniaturization. I was working for Costar, which later became Corning Life Sciences’ diagnostic disposables division. In the very back of the building, in a tiny room was a research scientist who was working on the early stages of lab-on-a-chip. The scientist, whom I was peering over his shoulder, explained to me that with this technology, we would soon be able to prick your finger, place it on the polymer chip, and through capillary action, the blood would travel to a test area and we would be able to get a blood result within seconds vs. weeks it took at that time. I was hooked! I had to be involved in this industry!”

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