Isometric Featured in Article, "Big Prospects for Medical Device Miniaturization"

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI Qmed) featured Isometric Micro Molding CEO, Donna Bibber, in their February article, Big Prospects for Medical Device Miniaturization. As noted in the article, Bibber was also an expert panel member for the MD&M East 2021 discussion, “Solving Today’s Challenges in Injection Molding for the Medical Device Industry.” 

Miniaturization is the Niche To Be In

The MD+DI article, which focuses on the increasing innovations and growth opportunities for medical device miniaturization, recognizes healthcare advancements thanks to micro molding. Through MedTech miniaturization, surgeons are now able to access remote areas of the human body and patients are able to easily wear lifesaving medical devices. 

Whether medical device parts are one thousand parts per plastic pellet or one-inch with three micron channels, the high precision capabilities at Isometric Micro Molding create successful medical micro manufacturing solutions. In fact, Isometric’s unique Microns Matter® process additionally streamlines product development and supports faster times to market.

As the largest and fastest growing medical focused micro molding in North America, Isometric is the trusted partner for optimal medical micro molding. 

You can read the entire MD+MI article at: .

Learn more about Isometric’s micro manufacturing expertise in the related blog post: Micro Molding the Tiniest Parts on Earth.  

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