Isometric Featured in Design News Article “Gaining Ground in Miniaturization”


Isometric was recently featured in a story written by Daphne Allen for Design News entitled “Gaining Ground in Miniaturization”. The article, a follow-up to the recent Design News webinar “It’s a Tiny World – The Future of Miniaturization”, discusses the trend towards miniaturization in many industries and the manufacturing processes, including automation, required for producing these parts.

The article discusses two companies – Isometric Micro Molding, an expert in micro injection molding and automated assemblies for the medical and drug delivery markets, and Performance Motion Devices (PMD) which offers miniature motion control drives used in multiple industries including lab automation, life sciences and robotics.

For Isometric, miniaturization means injection molding micro-sized parts, or small parts with micro features and precise tolerances down to single microns that are used in a variety of medical devices including cardiovascular, ophthalmic or drug delivery.  While PMD’s systems are not micro-sized, they have been developing motion control technology that enables engineers to build systems that use less power, make less noise, and take up less space. They have reduced the size of their motion control drives which are now 25% of the size they were ten years ago and have doubled their power density.

Donna Bibber, Isometric CEO, stated “And it’s not just small size, but precision in single microns. That’s where miniaturization is getting exciting—the high precision and how we can create devices that fit in really small spaces. It’s continuing to get smaller and smaller and tighter and tighter tolerances.”

While the two companies differ in how they define miniaturization, they both use precision processes and automation for producing parts. Isometric has developed in-house, ultra-precision automated assembly capabilities for medical and drug delivery devices that provides single micron positional accuracy.

 Prabhakar Gowrisankaran, VP of Engineering and Strategy at PMD commented “there is a lot of automation that helps us get to these smaller sizes,” which also includes inspection after assembly and a lot of software to help automate such testing. Automation also helps repeatability and being able to produce quality parts over and over.

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