Isometric Featured on Webinar Discussing Microneedles

Sodick and Isometric Micro Molding Webinar Image

Isometric Micro Molding CEO, Donna Bibber, and VP of Business Development and Strategy, Brent Hahn, recently took part in a Sodick & Friends webinar, “Molding MicroNeedle Array Patches”. The webinar explored the perceived limitations of molded needles and sharps. Attendees reviewed examples of micro molded microneedles, microneedle array patches (MAPs), insert molded microneedles and bioresorbable needles, in addition to expert insights on proper micro molding techniques. 

Microneedle array patches are something we specialize in. Many times...someone will come to us looking for a solution and during that period of time they made concessions because they didn't think something was possible. They designed around what they really wanted and designed to what they thought was possible. We like to take a step back and ask, "What would you really like to have?" And, in many cases, we can help them manufacture (what they imagined). We're an enabling factor for our customers.

You can listen to the full webinar and Donna’s presentation, Q&A here:

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