Isometric News: OEM's Seek Molders Offering Timely Techniques

Micro molded medical device with thin wall, micro features, and needle tip

Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO) magazine recently featured Isometric Micro Molding Vice President, Brent Hahn, in their article, “OEM’s Seek Molders Offering Timely Techniques”. The article reveals the current state of urgency within the medical device manufacturing industry, as well as the requirements that OEM’s face to provide rapid solutions and time to market. 

With individuals living longer and being more active than past generations, the medical device industry continues to be a high-growth market for innovation products and procedures. And, with it, the demand for micro molding with tighter tolerances and custom processes. 

Isometric Micro Molding successfully meets these demands with all in-house processes, which includes the necessary metrology to validate micro components.

“It doesn’t matter if you can mold and measure the part or assembly—you must also be able to validate it.”

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