MD&M South and Bibber Keynote A Success

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The highly anticipated MD&M South conference was a great success, with over 2,300 attendees from various advanced manufacturing and engineering professions. Held in Charlotte, NC, MD&M South will return in 2024.

During this year’s event, Isometric Micro Molding CEO, Donna Bibber, gave the Keynote: Miniaturized Devices: Current and Future State-of-the-Art High-Volume Micro Molding. Notably, Bibber’s Keynote was in the top 10 of most attended sessions at the event.

"Nearly every major segment in the advanced manufacturing industry was represented at IME South last week, from automotive and aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical, packaging and plastics, industrial automation and energy, to infrastructure and construction. Nearly half of our attendees hold significant decision-making power and leveraged IME South as a strategic means to move business forward, whether that be learning a solution to a challenge they are facing in an expert-led session, meeting a customer face-to-face, or discovering a new partner to break into a new vertical."

The Future of Micro Molding is Now at Isometric

The recognition of Bibber as a highly respected industry leader, as well as the innovative work being done at Isometric Micro Molding, increased Isometric’s visibility as a trusted partner in micro manufacturing solutions. At Isometric, the future state of high volume micro molding is now!

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