Medtech notable Donna Bibber, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Isometric Micro Molding Inc., will be the keynote speaker at the medical extrusion conference. A University of Massachusetts-Lowell graduate with 25 years of experience in micro manufacturing, Bibber has published technical papers on micro and ultra-precision manufacturing topics worldwide. She was named one of 100 notable people in the medical device industry by sister brand MD+DI in 2008. Bibber was president of Micro Engineering Solutions at the time.

The conference, scheduled for Nov. 7, 2017, in St. Louis Park, MN, will address a range of technical issues related to medical extrusion, including:

  • Manufacturing micro-medical devices using precision over-molded tubing;
  • the role of pellet size in process stability of PA-12 micro-extrusion;
  • medical tubing die and process optimization;
  • jacketing of discrete guidewire lengths and automation of secondary processes;
  • vacuum sizing small-bore tubing; and
  • processing semi-crystalline materials.

Speakers include Anthony Walder, Global Technology Manager at Lubrizol Corp.; John Perdikoulias, PhD, President of Compuplast Canada Inc.; Jonathan Jurgaitis, Senior Extrusion Engineer at Apollo Medical Extrusion; and Dave Czarnick, a tooling expert with 25 years of experience who holds five extrusion-related patents.

This conference is designed for individuals interested in extruding medical tubing and performing secondary operations such as braiding, over molding, surface treatment and laser drilling for catheters and delivery systems.

The Fall Spotlight Medical Extrusion & Secondary Operations Conference is hosted by Graham Engineering brand American Kuhne.

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