Micro Applications


The teams of experts at Isometric Micro Molding develop incredible micro applications that support numerous industries. From medical devices to pharmaceutical to micro electronics, our 100% in-house capabilities mean we achieve tighter micron tolerances for higher precision products.

At Isometric, we’re able to develop and produce a wide variety of applications specifically because of our unique in-house capabilities. We’ve been working in microns for over 30 years, so even as applications continue to get smaller, we succeed from experience. 

Our team of experts already understands and works within micron tolerances, so project production time isn’t lost on learning. Instead, our experts continue to do what they always do–make the impossible, possible, every day.

Bioresorbable Orthopedic anchor with micro threads, by Isometric Micro Molding

The ability to produce high precision components and automated assemblies all in-house means your product is successfully validated faster to achieve market launch.

Examples of Our Micro Applications:

  • Microfluidics 
  • Catheter Tips (thinnest on the market)
  • Micro Optics
  • Connectors 
  • Litigating Clips
  • Body Sensors
  • Microneedles/Barbs 
  • Microarray Patches (MAPs) 
  • Suture Anchors
  • Hydrocephalus Pumps
  • Bioresorbable Anchors 
  • Long-term Impantable Anchors
  • Drug Delivery
  • Fluid Testing
  • Tissue Repair
  • Surgical Tools
  • Dental Implants
  • In Vitro Devices
  • Stents

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