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Global Markets


As the largest and fastest-growing medical-focused micro molder in North America, Isometric brings incredible value to simple-to-complex projects in numerous high-precision markets.

Our cutting-edge equipment and highly respected team of experts consistently manufacture products that exceed customer expectations and what they thought was possible.

Photo of a lens micro component, for medical devices and micro electronics, shown on a mechanical pencil tip, by Isometric Micro Molding

Isometric Micro Molding makes the impossible, possible, in over 20 different industry markets. 

High Precision Markets

For over 30 years, Isometric Micro Molding has successfully provided micro manufacturing solutions, such as medical devices or micro electronics, for numerous high precision markets.

  • Automotive 
  • Cancer Treatment 
  • Cardiovascular 
  • Connectors 
  • Defense 
  • Diabetes 
  • Drug Delivery/Pharma 
  • ENT 
  • Fluidics/Micro Fluidics 
  • Gears 
  • Lenses 
  • Men’s Health 
  • Needles 
  • Neurovascular 
  • Ophthalmic 
  • Optics/Micro Optics 
  • Orthopedics 
  • Robotic Surgery 
  • Sensors/Body Sensors 
  • Sharps 
  • Women’s Health