Micro Molding Medical Device Innovations

Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO) spoke to the team at Isometric Micro Molding, Donna Bibber, Brent Hahn, and Wayne Shakal, to learn more about micro molding innovations for medical devices and the complex markets of biopharma and pharma. 

The big challenges of medical device miniaturization have created crucial demands on micro molders to develop new processes and methods that are outside the norm of standard injection molding. Michael Barbella from MPO discussed this impact through a variety of topics with the Isometric Micro Molding team. The Isometric experts share their 100+ years of combined knowledge on items such as what market forces fuel the need for micro molding technology, the impact of material advancements on micro molding capabilities, as well as the latest innovation in micromolding technologies.   

The demands for innovation in the micromolding industry, along with the importance of vertical integration for customer success and risk mitigation, are critical drivers for the team at Isometric Micro Molding.

“With the number of failures going (the) traditional route, and the corresponding dollars spent on conventional contract manufacturers that don’t deal in single microns on a daily basis, micro molders and vertically integrated micro automated manufacturers like Isometric, have been selected to mitigate these scalability risks that bring MIS and POC miniaturized devices to market faster with much higher precision.” 

Donna Bibber, CEO

Read the article to discover how Isometric Micro Molding utilizes innovation within all facets of micro molding for medical devices, along with intense attention to detail from design to successfully consistent mass production.

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