Full Micro Solutions:
Precision and Micro Molding & Automated Assembly

In-House, High Precision Micro Manufacturing


Isometric’s highly specialized competencies and talents in 3D Micro Printing, Micro Tooling, Micro Molding, Micro Automated Assembly, and CT Scanning provide our customers with a full service of in-house capabilities. From initial concept to high volume production, your project is managed by a team that has designed, built, processed and produced parts and assemblies for numerous high precision markets.

Picture of micro 3D printed cardiovascular surgical tool with thin wall molding, held by tweezers, by Isometric Micro Molding

Micro 3D Printing

  • Hold and test your parts within 2 days-1 week
  • Crucial support for customers during project development–right from the start
  • Print multiple designs to compare side-by-side, as well as mating parts for assembly
  • Ultra-precise micro 3D printed parts in a variety of photopolymer resins
  • 3D printed mold inserts allow parts to be molded in the intended resin
  • Low cost
Image of human hand holding micro tooling part from Isometric Micro Molding

Micro Tooling

  • THE critical enabling technology in micro molding and micro automated assembly
  • In-house master toolmakers understand the vital importance of micron precision, mirror-like surface finish, scalability, and the expert combination of hardened steels
  • Over 30 year history of making world-class tooling that is creative and innovative
Photo of three micro components next to a resin bar at Isometric Micro Molding

Micro Molding

  • Molding all thermoplastics, long-term implantable, bioresorbable, fluoropolymers, and liquid silicone rubber (LSR)
  • High volume micro manufacturing of small parts with micro features/tight tolerances and micro-sized parts
  • Thin wall, microfeature, micro-sized, tight tolerance, insert molding, over-molding, and 2-shot molding components
  • Extreme precision micro molding for medical devices, drug delivery devices, diabetes, microfluidics, optics, and many others
Photo of micro automated assembly equipment at Isometric Micro Molding

Micro Automated Assembly

  • World-class, in-house, micro automated assembly capabilities produce fully automated and integrated micro assemblies and devices
  • Ability to maintain the datum structure of molded parts from the mold and into the assembly
  • Micron positional accuracy (+/- 1.5 microns) to laser weld, ultrasonic weld, resistance test, form, assemble, epoxy, and package all items
  • In-line vision inspection and Industry 4.0 data output
  • Manufacturing micro components and sub-assemblies for high volume applications (incl: diabetes and pharma)
CT Scanning image of micro components, by Isometric Micro Molding

CT Scanning

  • Isometric uniquely utilizes CT Scanning from DOE to part validation
  • Instant dimensional feedback while the mold process is being developed
  • Ability to detect deviations through a 360⁰ three-dimensional point cloud which is then compared to the intended CAD model
  • Color deviation plots show variations in all axes at the micron level


As the largest medical-focused micro molder in the United States, Isometric is dedicated to Design for Excellence (DfX) project management and technology.


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