3D Micro Printing

Receive Your Micro Parts in
2 Days to 1 Week

At Isometric Micro Molding, we utilize high resolution micro 3D printing, which provides customers in all industries with early-stage micro part samples, including biocompatible resins. This step is vital to a project’s success, as it allows a quick, low-cost view of a design.

In fact, multiple designs can be printed at the same time for side-by-side comparison and/or mating parts for assembly. Despite the fact that the micro 3D printed parts are printed in a photopolymer rather than the same thermoplastic resin for molding, the physical design characteristics of the micro 3D printed parts are very useful.

It’s as simple as this: designers see things very differently on a computer screen versus an actual part on the tip of their finger. The ability to understand the scale and intended function of the part is vital to the initial development and ultimate success of a micro project.

Picture of micro 3D printed cardiovascular surgical tool with thin wall molding, held by tweezers, by Isometric Micro Molding
  • Parts in hand 2 days-1 week
  • Quickly print and review multiple part designs and iterations to evaluate critical project success
  • Instant DfM, DfX, and DfA support
  • Test multiple features including microfluidic channels, and small to micro through holes
  • Successfully printed parts starting at 0.001” (25 microns) total thickness, with micro features
  • Biocompatible, high strength, translucent, and many other performance characteristics available to mimic thermoplastic resin properties

Micro Project Success From the Start

We offer expertise at every stage of the design to manufacturing process. So, whether your application requires multiple materials for the most intricate over-molded component, a tiny medical implant, or a microfluidic chip with a minuscule micron tolerance, we have the materials and complex feature knowledge, experience, and understanding to achieve success.

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