Micro Automated Assembly


In today’s high precision markets, it’s important to use automated assembly solutions for successful micro-manufacturing projects. Micro automated assembly reduces damage, bioburden, handling, labor, scrap, and the need to regain positional datum structure.

At the micro level, manual assembly is cost-prohibitive and requires a level of dexterity that makes it impossible to avoid significant, unacceptable errors for micron tolerances. This is critical, especially when the key objective with micro automated assembly is to reduce the number of times a part is handled.

With over 15 years of experience in micro automation and assembly, Isometric Micro Molding has developed discrete, ultra-precision capabilities in the automated assembly of micro medical devices, as well as drug delivery devices. Isometric’s in-house, micro automated assembly provides single micron positional accuracy combined with our in-depth understanding of micro assembly methodology.

Image of micro assembly automation equipment at Isometric Micro Molding

At Isometric, fully automated systems are designed and fabricated in-house:

  • Integration of PLC logic
  • Inline vision inspection systems–100% part inspection/risk-mitigation
  • Micro dispensing
  • Solvent bonding
  • UV curing
  • Inline pressure decay leak testing
  • Laser welding
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Assembly of metal, filter mesh, wires, cables, and other plastic parts
  • Industry 4.0 data collection and sharing



  • Pneumatic or servo actuated
  • Fool-proof laser safety systems
  • Touchscreen machine controls
  • Data capture and storage systems
  • Networking to manufacturing plant IT systems
  • Precision function controls ± 0.0001″ (0.0025 mm)
  • Nano precision components to 0.00004″ (1 micron)
  • Pick and place equipment



  • Precision self-contained semi and full automated assembly cells
  • Single and multi-station assembly, test, and inspection systems
  • Integrated clean rooms built to specified class
  • Benchtop assembly fixtures and handheld devices
  • Ultra-precision bonding and fastening operations
  • Automated micro-machining cells (0.0025 mm)
  • EOAT’s to protect molded parts and prevent mold damage
  • Datum errors reduced if enabling part is held and re-positioned the least amount of times
  • Delicate parts can be protected by other parts in the sub-assembly

Micro Project Success From the Start

We offer expertise at every stage of the design to manufacturing process. So, whether your application requires multiple materials for the most intricate over-molded component, a tiny medical implant, or a microfluidic chip with a minuscule micron tolerance, we have the materials and complex feature knowledge, experience, and understanding to achieve success.

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