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Micro Molding


Isometric Micro Molding’s leadership team has over 100 years of combined experience in micro injection molding. We have successfully developmented an approach to overcome micro manufacturing challenges involving micro features, micro components, and micro assemblies.

When it comes to micromolding, it’s vital that you choose a partner that has the necessary business acumen and industry experience–and our work speaks for itself.

Picture of long term implantable micro drug delivery devices for cancer treatment, on a fingertip, by Isometric Micro Molding
  • Micro to small parts (<6”) with micro features and/or tight tolerances
  • Thin wall
  • Bioresorbable & Long-Term Implantable molding
  • Fluoropolymer and API molding
  • 2 Shot, Overmolding & Insert molding
  • ISO 13485

The Trusted Team of Micro Molding Experts

For high precision markets, such as medical devices and drug delivery devices, it’s vital to choose a partner that eliminates risk right from the start. At Isometric, we provide a complete end-to-end solution for high precision component design and micro mold manufacturing–all in-house. We have a team of engineers, toolmakers, and production staff that all work to reduce and ultimately eliminate the risks associated with the manufacture of the most complex and precise micro molded components and assemblies.

  • Plan, Plan, Plan, Execute
  • Internally developed Microns Matter® PFMEA Risk Assessment Strategy
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • CT Scanning 
  • DfM, DfX and DfA Analysis
  • Mold-Flow Analysis
  • Micro Application Expertise
  • Root Cause & Failure Mode Analysis
  • IQ/OQ/PQ Validation
  • Micro Injection Mold Design & Fabrication
  • Robust Process  Development
  • Micro Automation Design & Fabrication

Micro Project Success From the Start

We offer expertise at every stage of the design-to-manufacturing process. So, whether your application requires multiple materials for the most intricate over-molded component, a tiny medical implant, or a microfluidic chip with a minuscule micron tolerance, we have the materials and complex feature knowledge, experience, and understanding to achieve success.